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Our dryer shaker line consists of just one superior product--the Series 5000B3. This shaker represents the best in the industry. Of course, as with all of our product line, Soli-Con offers top quality sevice when you need it.

Series 5000B3


  • High "G" Force
  • 33.76 sq. ft. Screening Area
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick Screen Panel Changes
  • Small Footprint
  • No Lubrication

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High "G" Force: The 5000B3 is the latest advance in high "G" force, high volume linear motion shakers. This unit is designed to achieve optimum performance. In the most challenging applications the 5000B3 achieves consistently high throughput. Processing rates vary with slurry content, percent solids and viscosity.
Exceptional Reliability: Permanently sealed vibrators make lubrication systems totally unnecessary. Low 80-dB motor vibration eliminates the need for hearing protection. Each of the units four pretensioned screen panels can be installed or replaced independently of each other. Replacement takes less than 10 minutes and requires only a light to medium-weight hammer.
Lowest Maintenance Cost: Simplicity pays off. Our equipment has the lowest operational and maintenance costs in the industry. Routine maintenance is extremely minimal. Simple visual checks of screen panels, deck rubbers, inflation of air spring assemblies, and quarterly torque checks of the vibrator motor bolts are all that is required.
Bearings: Permanently sealed and lubricated.
Motors: Two each 1800 or 1200 rpm exp. proof or non-exp. proof available.
Motion: Linear, 0.13" A (1800), 0.23" A (1200), 4.5 G
VGS: Force adjustable to 9.0 "G" maximum
Deck adjustment: Adjustable 0-5 degrees uphill
Screens: Four each 29" x 42" pretensioned panels with Wedgelok fasteners
Weir Height: 37 3/4"
Overall Dimensions: 147"L x 61"W x 545/8"H