Soli-Con Oilfield Equipment and Rentals
Soli-Con Oilfield Equipment and Rentals Our Growth Stems From Our Commitment to Excellence




Soli-Con carries a full line of products for the solids control industry. We also offer equipment rentals and repairs for shakers, mud cleaners, dryer shakers and closed loops. Our commitment to an unparalleled level of service has enabled us to enjoy tremendous growth and a leading position in our field.

With plenty of competition, it is our service that we believe makes us number one. You won't deal with someone over the phone. Instead, you get personal face-to-face service and you get it when you need it. And because of our commitment, we cannot afford to be hampered by faulty or inefficient equipment. Therfore, we carry the best the industry has to offer.

Soli-Con's product line includes goods manufactured by industry leaders such as Cagle Oilfield Services, Inc. We work hard to offer the best equipment based on field performance--the only place it counts. And that performance speaks volumes to our customers.

Our customer base has been built through our commitment to excellence. We intend to keep that standing while continuing to raise the bar on our performance.