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Soli-Con's alliance with Cagle Oilfield Services, Inc. is based upon their mutual belief that service must be the primary product of any oilfield equipment company. When Bill Cagle set out to develop the screen that changed the industry, he knew that down time in the field meant financial losses. The Cagle HCR® was born of Bill's knowledge and experience that equipment must be efficient and cost effective while keeping service time to an absolute minimum. And because service is our business, we want the industry's best. And with the Cagle HCR® screen, there is simply no reason to carry a competitor's screens.

The Cagle HCR® screen utilizes a special patented long rectangular opening. Competitor's screens do not employ this field proven construction. The design--the only patented screen like it--allows for approximately twice the liquid throughput of the average screen. In turn, faster transmittance translates to reduced screening time and longer life. Additionally, measured D50's prove that finer particle separation is achieved with the construction. Faster transmittance, longer screen life and finer separation all come together to make the Cagle HCR® screen the only choice for our equipment.

To learn more about the Cagle HCR® screen, field testing, and measured results follow this link to Cagle Oilfield Services, Inc.

The Cagle HCR Screen

  • Patented Screen Cloth
  • Twice the Liquid Throughput or Transmittance
  • Four Times the Screen Life
  • Reduced Screen Costs Through Extended Life
  • Finer Particle Separations